The Hiko-A-Mon Restaurant

Fancy Japanese cuisine? Try the delicious fare offered at Hiko-A-Mon restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky. They are open for dinner and lunch most days. Drop by, order, or make a reservation at this one-of-a-kind Japanese-inspired restaurant. You are bound to fall in love with their delicious selections of soups, sushi, and more. While Hiko-A-Mon specializes in the more nutritious and lighter meals, their servings are very generous and provide a wholesome meal.

Hiko-A-Mon restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky offers a traditional Japanese experience with a contemporary touch influenced by South East Asia and European cuisine. The menu features contemporary Japanese fare alongside signature dishes inspired by classic Japanese restaurants in Kyoto, where Hiko, the restaurant’s head chef was born and raised. Hiko-A-Mon restaurant also offers a tasteful selection of red and white wines as well as Sochu and Siko. The restaurant atmosphere is neutral and welcomes couples, families, and singles. Hiko-A-Mon sushi bar can accommodate a maximum of 12 diners at a time. The location used to be a professional finance company, so the size makes sense.

The Japanese restaurant also features bench-sheet tables that can accommodate a maximum of 16 diners, as well as 3 booths that can accommodate 6 diners each. Hiko-A-Mon also offers an Ozashiki room that can accommodate a maximum of sixteen diners and a private dining area with a maximum capacity of ten diners.

Hiko-A-Mon offers a generous and delicious selection of appetizers. The Ankimo ponzu is an example of why Hiko-A-Mon excels as a Japanese-inspired restaurant. Ankimo ponzu is a classic Japanese appetizer featuring monkfish liver and ponzu sauce. It goes for $12 and is the best way to start your dining experience at Hiko-A-Mon. Another exciting option is the edamame and spicy tuna with lettuce wraps. This selection goes for $11 and features a refreshing combination of lettuce cup, edamame, and spicy tuna. The red snapper carpaccio is equally delightful. This selection goes for $12 and features e.v.o.o, sea salt, and yuzu-juice marinated Japanese red snapper.

Your dining experience at Hiko-A-Mon is not complete without a taste of the chilled tofu. This classic Japan appetizer goes for $4 and features bonito flakes, scallions, ginger, and chilled tofu. Oshinko is yet another wonderful traditional Japanese appetizer. It goes for $4.50 and features assorted Japanese pickles.

If you are in the mood for a hot appetizer, then the restaurant’s spare ribs might do the trick. They go for $11 and feature bourbon teriyaki sauce and braised ribs with Woodford reserve. Edamame is another wonderful hot appetizer served at Hiko-A-Mon. It goes for $4.50 and features sea salt, steamed soybeans, and a beer. The gyoza goes for $5 and features Napa cabbage, pork, and seared Japanese dumpling. At only $8, the Agedashi-Tofu Kinoko-An offers an experience that you are likely to remember for the coming weeks. This delicious appetizer wonderfully blends the allure of mushrooms and tofu in bonito broth to create an irresistible combination.

Other delicious appetizers offered at Hiko-A-Mon include the shrimp spring roll, shrimp shumai, Tan-Shio, yakitori chicken, yakitori beef, chicken kara, Buta-Kakuni, chicken teriyaki, crawfish bites, jumbo fried oyster, Ebi Mayo, grilled whole calamari, calamari Pirates, avocado seafood gratin, as well as different assortments of grilled fish.

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