Different Menu, You Choose

One of the most popular salad selections at Hiko-A-Mon is the seafood salad. The selection goes for $12 and features oriental lime dressing, lettuce, crab meat, shrimp, octopus, squid, salmon, and tuna. Another popular salad selection is the seafood Sunomono combination. This wonderful mix goes for $9.50 and features Sunomono, vinegar, assorted seafood, cucumber, and seaweed. For a traditional Japanese salad, try the seaweed salad or Switzerland, both of which go for $5.95.

If none of the above salad selections tickles your fancy, the Japanese-style potato salad just might. The salad selection goes for $7.50 and features predominantly Japanese-inspired Western cuisine with mayo dressing, prosciutto, onion, cucumber, and mashed potato. The daikon salad is also quite delightful. It goes for $7 and features mayo dressing, sour plum, bonito flakes, daikon radish, and boiled small fish.

Rice and Noodles
Hiko-A-Mon offers a unique approach to making rice and noodles, borrowing heavily from Japanese cuisine as well as other cuisines. The curry udon or wheat noodle in curry sauce goes for $12 and offers a delicious fusion of Indian and Japanese cuisine. The $22 Tekka-Don is also very popular at the restaurant and features raw tuna topped over sushi rice.

However, if you want to go All-Japanese on your noodles, there are a couple of selections worth considering.

At the top of this list is the nabe yaki udon. This traditional Japanese noodle goes for $13 and features shrimp tempura, scallions, eggs, fish cake, and udon. The soba or tempura udon is also quite lovely. It goes for $12 and features scallion, shrimp tempura, hot fish broth soup, and soba or udon. Yakisoba goes for $14 and features shrimp, vegetable tempura, and buckwheat noodles. The restaurant’s ramen selection costs $12 and features ramen noodles served with the restaurant’s unique pork broth soup. Teriyaki soba chicken noodles go for $14 and offer a delicious blend of Japanese vegetable sauce, fresh vegetables, Japanese egg noodles, and chicken. The beef variation also goes for $14 and features Japanese vegetable sauce, fresh vegetables, Japanese egg noodles, and beef. The shrimp version combines Japanese vegetable sauce, fresh vegetables, Japanese egg noodles, and shrimp.

Other exciting dishes on this section of the menu include plain rice, fried rice with shrimp, fried rice with beef, fried rice with chicken, organic brown rice, and steamed rice.

Hiko-A-Mon offers a rich selection of land and sea entrees served with salad and brown or white rice. Some of the most popular entrees include the Chilean sea bass, ahi tuna, ocean tilapia, yellowtail, salmon, and salmon and jumbo shrimp. These selections are usually accompanied by potato croquettes and sauteed seasonal vegetables.

Another popular entry to this list of delicious treats is the $16 chicken teriyaki which features a delightful combination of teriyaki cabernet sauce and chargrilled chicken breast. The beef teriyaki goes for $22 and features an equally exciting blend of teriyaki cabernet sauce and a char-grilled 8 oz strip loin. The restaurant’s filet is to die for. It goes for $30 and features teriyaki cabernet sauce and an 8 oz char-grilled Angus beef fillet. The lamb racks go for $35 and feature sauteed seasonal vegetables, Asian Fuji apple sauce, and char-grilled lamb racks.

Other entrees worth trying at Hiko-A-Mon restaurant include the pan-seared duck, black Berkshire pork, grilled vegetables, tofu steak, double chicken, and hibachi combinations.

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